Our client reviews

translated from the original:

I would like to thank the team of A&C Yacht Broker through whom I bought our RM12.7.

Being in France, it was important that my intermediary was responsive and followed the file as well as possible, the time difference did not facilitate things.

A&C Yacht perfectly relayed my requests to the seller and facilitated the negotiations so that the sale was handled fairly.

The administrative procedures were well carried out in time and the team did me the service of moving the boat to the cargo ship in the bay of Le Marin for free.

I can only recommend this trustworthy professional on the Martinique market.


Christophe et Sylvie,
RM Yachts RM 12,70


We would like to thank you very much for all the steps you took, your numerous exchanges to keep us informed of everything that was going on, this was very much appreciated considering our distance.
Thank you for your professionalism and your seriousness.
Good luck and we hope to see you again during our next visit to Le Marin.

We wish Mr. and Mrs. Bongiorno nice sailing and good times on board Philovent!

Yours sincerely 


Laurence et Philippe ,
Beneteau Oceanis 40

I salute whole the team A&C Yacht Broker, who did everything they could to smooth the way for the sale of our boat.

The boat was almost new, less than a year old when we decide to sale in May 2020.

Its price, close to that of a new boat, was a handicap at the beginning.

The buyers could not come and see the boat due to the Covid. Finally, there was lots of difficulties...

In December 2020, A&C Yacht managed to find buyers, who bought the boat.

A&C Yacht helped us a lot to prepare the boat after 6 months of wintering: we can say that they were there every time we needed them.

Engine overhaul, antifooling, watermaker repair, anemometer repair, dinghy repair, they did a faultless job in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

On the administrative side, it was not easy, as the buyer's bank asked for a lot of papers. In the end, we managed to get through it, and the experience of A&C Yacht allowed us to sell the boat in good conditions.

A big thank you to the whole A&C Yacht team, Dominique, Fréderic, Eric, Vincent, Michel, Helene and those I have forgotten!

Good luck to Lavinieke and Mario!

We will be back to buy the next boat!

CNB Lagoon 46
Blue Wave

I want say thank for excellent work in selling of my boat.

I think the A&C Yacht Broker is a one of the best  broker companies in Caribbean. Their service means a high professionally work  in a whole process of selling/buying.

I used A&C Yachtbroker twice (2013 and 2020) and when I am going to buy my next boat I will ask this company as first. 
A special thanks to Michel Sebastiani. He is a man who I am trust. No more words needed... 

Lagoon Lagoon 380
Sillage 1

My dear Michel,

I would like to take this opportunity to express myself on our relationship and more generally on the relationship with the company that you represent in Le Marin, Martinique, A&C Yacht Broker. Selling your boat after 12 years of sailing, small sailing, in the Caribbean, is not really an easy thing. But once the decision was made I confided in two local sales representatives who could accompany me. My Nautitech 40, "Lady Isis", had been the object of all my attention during these long years and you quickly knew how to subtly advise me on her real value, accompany me in the necessary steps and professionally manage my relations with the future buyer.

Trust cannot be decreed, it has to be earned, and I think that this must be one of your values at A&C Yacht. Thank you for having brought this negotiation to a successful conclusion and to the satisfaction of both parties, which I believe required a true professional. Your empathy and cordiality were not lacking.

Yours sincerely,


Nautitech Nautitech 40

In our search for our dream boat, we scoured the internet from June 2020. As Dutch, we knew that the catamaran we were looking for would not be found close to home. Finally we found the Lagoon 46 in Le Marin in Martinique. After a first email contact with Eric from A&C Yachts, we immediately noticed that not only the boat appealed to us, but also the smooth and correct contact with the selling broker. Every question was answered neatly and after we had a Livestream contact with eric from the boat, we decided to travel to Martinique in December 2020. The introduction to the island, the boat and Eric, Dominique and other employees of A&C Yachts was warm and gave us the confidence that we were going into the purchasing process.

We paid the 10% deposit a week later and traveled to Martinique for the second time in January 2021 for the sea trial and survey. A&C yachts introduced us to the owner, who could tell us a lot more about the boat.

After that, it took us a few more weeks to complete the paperwork. Where the commitment of A&C Yachts was indispensable. The experience and expertise helped to make this process run smoothly.

Finally, in the Easter weekend of 2021, we flew for the third time to Martinique, where we were officially handed over the boat from A&C Yachts. In May we will fly to the Caribbean island for the fourth time, this time to sail the boat on its own keel to her new home base Amsterdam.

Even after the sale and until we leave Martinique, we can count on the necessary support from A&C Yachts.

We are grateful to all employees of A&C Yachts and in particular Dominique Amice & Eric Garnier for their knowledge, commitment and patience to ensure that the BLUE WAVE purchase process runs smoothly.

For a purchase of a dream yacht from the Caribbean, we heartily recommend A&C Yachts.

CNB Lagoon 46
Blue Wave

Having known Dominique Amice for a long time, I trusted him and everything was perfect in the management of my difficult file, the sale of my sailing boat Pearl.

I therefore totally recommend him. 

Wauquiez Pilot saloon 47

Hello Helene,

After a beautiful 6 months of sailing we had to make the decision to go back home and sell our Dufour 45 named Freedom.

We found A&C and met the team and our broker Frederic. They were very clear on their way of working, the fee and the docking costs – and there turned out exactly as agreed. Also, Frederic advised us on the work to be done on the vessel to make it attractive to prospective buyers. We had not expected to sell the boat soon because of the Corona crisis but to our pleasant surprise Frederic found a customer, and we could agree on a price that was acceptable both for us and for the new owner.

The transfer was handled fine and according to the agreements, and we are happy with the outcome. We will come back to A&C for charters and we will gladly recommend A&C to other people !

Best regards,


Alexander ,
Dufour Yachts Dufour 45 E Performance
Freedom 3

Our boat had been based in Venezuela for 5 years and given the political difficulties of the country we repatriated it to Le Marin in February 2020 to sell it.

We had put up ads on different sites with a certain return but we had not anticipated the confinement.

Once in Le Marin, we contacted A&C to entrust them with the continuation of the actions in order to sell our Marjoram 35 while we were returning to Metropolitan France...

Michel and his team quickly knew how to use all the elements we had transmitted to them and their very good network to complete the sale in a few months.

A&C took care of all the negotiations and the administrative file because we were in France.

Thank you again for the quality of the exchanges and the transparency during the negotiations.

We recommend A&C.

Staempfli Marjolaine 35