The A&C Yacht Brokers team

A&C Yacht Brokers, a closely-knit team of expert sailing enthusiasts

Always available and generous with their sound advice, the team is at your service!
Don't hesitate to call on their experience to help you make the right choice of boat.

Dominique Amice, founder and manager

Dominique Amice

Dominique Amice, A&C Yacht Brokers' founder and manager, French and English spoken, has been sailing since the age of seven and has an excellent knowledge of the market thanks to his 42 years of yachting experience.

Frédéric Thouroude

Frédéric Thouroude

Frédéric Thouroude has been sailing since he was tiny! He started his professional career on board Optimist, 470 and Lasers, before sailing on larger and better boats and perfecting his night sailing along the African coasts, then becoming skipper of 50 and 80 foot catamarans in the Antilles. As well as offering guidance on your choice of boat, he will be your technical adviser. He speaks French, English and Portugese and has obtained the BEES 1 (sailing monitor diploma) and the BPPV (Skipper's qualification).

Michel Sebastiani

Michel Sebastiani

Michel Sebastiani, the team's polyglot, speaks 5 languages, (French, English, German, Spanish and Italian), and is in charge of sales in the Caribbean for our international clientele. He has spent most of his life on the water, has traversed the Antilles as far as South America many times and is very familiar with these waters.

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