A&C Yacht Broker is the Caribbean dealer Astusboats who designs and builds cruise trimarans in France.

Astusboats was founded in 2004 by Jean-Hubert Pommois and the transportable trimaran, Astus 20.1 was launched.
After creating two prototypes of this model, one of which was on show at the La Rochelle boat fair in 2004, a real demand for such a range of transportable trimarans led to the production of Astus 14, Astus 18.2, Astus 22 and Astus 24, all of which can be seen on this website.

These boats have been designed with numerous practical criteria in mind:

  • Astusboats trimarans are high-performance boats, fun to sail and allowing solo sailing
  • They are easy to transport thus allowing access to a wide variety of lakes and waters
  • They have low usage and maintenance costs
Astus 22 Trimaran boat launch
ASTUS 22 - Trinité - von WinningSails
Astus Boats
Étang de Cranic
56400 Brech
Astusboats pre-owned boats