Our job

A job and a passion

Brokers or marine brokers are people who are completely morally trustworthy and who organise the sale of a third-party's boat for that person's sole benefit.
It is a full-time job requiring both technical and nautical expertise, insurance cover (third-party cover in particular), availability at short notice – this is above-all a career for real enthusiasts.

Rules and results

In order to sell your boat with A&C Yacht Brokers, you will first have to sign a sales authorisation document.
There is no extra cost when your boat is advertised on our Internet sites.
We are paid only once the sale has been completed.

The boat's value

Most boat owners tend to overestimate the value of their vessel, simply because of their emotional attachment to it.
Our rôle, as professional advisers, is to decide on a suitable estimate in relation to the current marketplace and to the boat's facilities ; a boat which is overpriced is a boat which will not sell.

Why use us?

You can sell your boat more cheaply with professional marine brokers, who will suggest a sales price including their fee ; the sales price can often be lower than for a private sale.
However, many people believe they can pay less without using a broker.
We are here to help you find the right boat for you and to help you pay a fair price – we can do this because we have an excellent understanding of the current marketplace.

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