A&C Yachts is the dealer for LEEN-TRIMARANS in the Caribbean.

NEEL-TRIMARANS has developed a motor range to meet the expectations of customers who appreciate the quality of trimarans: LEEN becomes the mirror image of NEEL!

LEEN boats inherit NEEL's recognized seaworthiness and trimaran expertise.

These trimaran hybrid are equipped with an innovative, high performance and strong reliable propulsion system. Thanks to the 2 electric motors on the outer hulls, and a central thermal engine on the main hull, the LEEN trimarans have a propulsion adapted to all situations and navigation program.

The diesel engine is the main source of propulsion.

The 2 electric motors are used :

  • Coupled with the diesel engine during port manoeuvres (thus replacing the bow thruster), or
  • As a silent electric engine to move off discreetly, or
  • As a back-up engine when coupled with a generator.

At cruising speed, the LEEN 56 consumes less than 2 litres per nautical mile.

Boats in the LEEN-TRIMARANS range

Here are the boats in the current LEEN-TRIMARANS range. These boats are available on order.

4 rue Virginie Hériot
17000 La Rochelle Cedex
LEEN-TRIMARANS pre-owned boats