Our client reviews

We had been looking for a fairly specific boat model for over a year.
Finally one day, Banco!
Here it is, yes but..., in Martinique!

Far from home, we call and...

Eric answers, the current passes,

They have a lot of nice recos with a lot of qualities, we decide to go there, and there, 
Yes, he's the one we were looking for!
Let's continue the adventure, it is then that we could count on the total support of all the team of A&C Yacht for the formalities and until the return of the boat on the continent.

We therefore confirm all the qualities of the team already expressed by previous clients.

Thanks to Eric and Dominique

Tristan & Catherine
ISOBARE Oceanis 37


Tristan & Catherine,
Beneteau Oceanis 37 Limited Edition

I contacted A&C Yacht more than 5 years ago to buy a catamaran for a sabbatical year. At that time Michel SEBASTIANI, whom I did not know, was not only very attentive to my project and my needs, but also took me seriously, which is not an easy thing to do when you contact professionals. He listens to you with one ear...His advice and recommendations were extremely useful and always very wise.
When COVID transformed my sabbatical project into a permanent departure with no return date, Michel SEBASTIANI was once again able to listen to me and propose the right units that suited my purchase and my new project.
I appreciated the great professionalism of Mr. SEBASTIANI and his very advanced skills in boats. I also greatly appreciated his great integrity and his reactivity when I asked him for help. Mr. SEBASTIANI has a rare quality: that of serving with impartiality the needs of both the buyer and the seller. 
When I finally made my choice and settled on a unit that suited me, Michel SEBASTIANI was extremely efficient in bringing the sale to a successful conclusion, both from an administrative and practical point of view (survey, lifting on straps, sea trials, etc.).
Today I am sailing with a boat which corresponds completely to my needs and this thanks to the great professionalism and seriousness of Mr. Michel SEBASTIANI and the AC Yacht team. 
J highly recommend AC Yacht without any reservation.


Fountaine Pajot Belize 43 Maestro

My purchase experience with Frederic Thouroude for the 2020 Jeanneau SO 440 was truly rewarding.  Frederic went way beyond the usual requirements to provide us with anything we needed to inspect the yacht and provide us with any information we needed in order to make a decision regarding the purchase.  Once we committed to the purchase, Frederic was instrumental in acquiring all of the necessary documentation we requested.   The after the sale experience was just as rewarding with any support we requested from Frederic and his professional team at A&C Yacht Brokers.  My experience with the whole team at A&C Yacht Brokers was extremely positive.

Thanks again


United States
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440

I was completely satisfied with the services of the A&C team both for the negotiations before and during the sale, and for the "after sale" service. Dominique was a good adviser, Frédéric efficient and ultra professional and Vincent extremely helpful. 

So I sincerely advise all those who wish to buy, sell or rent a boat to contact them! Professionals indeed but cherry on the cake really friendly and nice people.

Gilles - SO45 AZZURO

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45

Our fortuitous meeting at the Martinique Boat Show led to the splendid discovery of a boat which I am still surprised you did not acquire for your own account with the certainty of pleasing dozens of yacht-renters!

I salute the kindness of your commercial agent who has deployed a lot of energy to make the transaction go as smoothly as possible, to the shared satisfaction of the seller and ourselves. 

I will be sure to tell everyone about it. 



Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49

My Darlene and I are from the West coast of Canada .
We have been searching seriously for our retirement sailboat for approximately  3 years. Our previous experiences with various yacht brokers on the west coast has been disappointing at best. Misrepresented and over priced boats seem to be the norm here.
 We had found the the Jeanneau online and contacted Michel for more information. Bare in mind Covid was still going strong at this point and travel to Martinique was going to be no small matter. “Sibylle” was sounding good at this point but we were a little skeptical still.
Michel recognized that we were travelling a not insignificant distance during difficult time and promised we would not be disappointed if we were to make the trip.  Suffice to say we took the plunge figuring if the sailboat didn’t work out we’d at least get a break from a Canadian winter. We knew within the first 5 minutes aboard that we’d found our boat. His integrity and honesty will not be forgotten. Michel made himself available pretty much whenever we had questions and was very helpful throughout the purchase process.
Would recommend or use  A&C Yacht brokers and Michel , absolutely !  

Fred & Darlen,
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 47 CC
Sibylle IV

We purchased our Dufour 455GL through A&C Yacht brokers.  Our experience with Michel was absolutely first class.   He was incredibly helpful at every stage of the process and he was a great help even after we had purchased Mojito.  He was under no obligation to help after the contract was signed but he helped source the parts and labour that we needed for a whole month after the contract was signed and the boat paid for.


If you are going to buy or sell a yacht in Martinique I would recommend A&C without any hesitation.    We had used another broker in Le Marin and had a very bad experience so be careful who you use.

James ,
United Kingdom
Dufour Yachts Dufour 455 Grand Large

I know your company many years and when I decide to sell Suffisant, it was clear to deal everything with A&C. Special help is and was, that Michel speak and write a lot if languages. this is for s seller a easy going. I was always happy as A&C is very efficient, fast and tell you the true whats going on on the market. It's impressed me, that the whole deal from beginning until the end incl. the money transfer was dealed seriousely and fast.
f i would buy or sell a yacht i would come again to A&C. It would be always my first choice. I felt in "love" with your company and can recommend your company to everybody!

I wish you all the best, keep going on.
Greetings from Switzerland, 

Beneteau Oceanis 331

translated from the original:

When I bought my 43 Sea Jolly, I had already appreciated the human qualities, the know-how and the necessary expertise of the whole team when it comes to the delicate cocktail between a potential buyer who wants to buy the yacht of his dreams at the lowest price and the seller who considers that any discount on the asking price for his beloved yacht is an inadmissible affront considering her innumerable qualities and the hours spent pampering the smallest corner of her 13m under the blazing sun of the fairing.

So when the time came to part with Sea Jolly, entrusting the sale to Dominique, Fred, Michel and Ludo was an obvious choice.

The end of the Covid period did not make things easy, but the new buyer under Michel's leadership appreciated the work and improvements I had made in the last few years, which immediately made him very sympathetic to me, even if discussions between an American who had traveled to France 40 years ago and a Frenchman who is practicing his English in the Grenadines can sometimes be a little rough.

At the same time, the same Michel, with the help of Jacques Scharwatt (without doubt the best maritime expert on the West Indies and the nicest!), used a lot of diplomacy to get me to accept a little discount here and another there that would bring the point of view of each party closer without damaging my self-esteem.

Finally, the sea trial with an ideal trade wind sealed the fate of the negotiation, it was enough to see the blissful smile of the future owner who didn't want to let go of the helm, to understand that he was already there.

Finally, the icing on the cake, during the signing of the contracts, Michel uncorked a bottle of excellent champagne which closed this memorable day.

Of course, my next acquisition will call upon the skills of A&C Yacht Broker, and I warmly recommend to use their services on all occasions.


Jean Michel,
Alubat Ovni 43
Sea Jolly