A dedicated pontoon for displaying pre-owned boats

NEW: A pontoon dedicated specifically to selling your sailing yacht!

In partnership with the marina at Le Marin, we are putting rental spaces at the disposal of owners of sailing boats on a pontoon that has been specially reserved for A&C Yacht Brokers as part of our selling of pre-owned boats.
We are therefore creating a real sales area in the form of a permanent boat show at the marina at Le Marin, Martinique.

Selling previously-owned boats is a skill in itself. A simple advert on internet is not enough to attract serious buyers; showing possible purchasers round your boat is a crucial part in the process; the smooth running of a sale often takes place after the boat inspection, when a buyer is at the purchase agreement stage.
All too often we see certain boats for sale that are a long way from a realistic transaction and a long way from the 'reality' shown in their photos, (a dirty boat, unprepared, disorganised etc...)

In the sales formula that we offer, besides the banners, flags and personalised adverts placed for each model that we present, your boat will be aired and opened up on a regular basis because we will be there every day.

A boat for sale should always be clean and presentable and we garantee an exterior cleaning twice a month minimum without any extra charge; in addition, the price of the pontoon space is exactly the same as a spot reserved directly with the marina.

If you would like to book your place and find out more about our terms and conditions, please contact us.