Why chose A&C Yacht Brokers?

Why we are the right people to sell your boat

Selling boats is our one-and-only job

A&C Yacht Brokers is a company that deals exclusively in the sale of new and previously-owned boats. We devote ourselves 100% to this task and deal in no other nautical activities. We believe this is an important quality if you want to sell your boat rapidly.

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Selling your boat yourself

Some boat owners admit that they have tried to sell their vessel themselves.

They soon found out that this means you have to be available round the clock!

Answering potential buyers’ enquiries without delay when you’ve got a professional life of your own is incredibly time-consuming.

Arranging for your boat to be visited, when it may be situated hundreds or even thousands of miles from where you live, takes time and incurs costs (transport costs, taking time off work, hotel costs etc), with no guarantee that the visit will result in a sale.

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Your best guarantee is to have your boat clearly visible on internet

Your boat will be shown on all of A&C Yacht Brokers' advertising media:

Selling your boat via co-brokerage

Thanks to our brokerage system your boat can be sold under a co-brokerage agreement.
We also advertise boats on the site www.theyachtmarket.com .

At A&C Yacht Brokers, we speak five languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German and French.

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