Sailing in The Caribbean during the stormy season

Sailing in The Caribbean is possible throughout the year.
Predictable weather with well-established and regular wind patterns make The Caribbean a mini paradise for sailing enthusiasts. Anchorages are spacious, well sheltered and with shopping facilities to hand

The stormy season

Contrary to what people say, it is perfectly possible to sail in The Caribbean during the stormy season – what’s more, it is even a very pleasant experience.

Needless to say it is advisable to keep an eye on the weather forecast and to regularly consult the NOAA observation website at (link is external)

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However, it is useful to know that from the moment when a weather depression is detected and  when it is confirmed, you have plenty of time to decide where to take shelter. More often than not, you will head south, as storms generally don’t pass to the south of The Caribbean.

The means of raising the alert are numerous, besides the very efficient presence of the Cross Antilles Guyane on Channel 16, warnings by email or text message from SXM cyclone at as well as plentiful wifi zones in bars, restaurants and shops…

To sum up, storms in The Caribbean are far from being a regular occurrence.