Our client reviews

I contacted A&C Yacht Brokers for the sale of my « X-TREM » catamaran, a Lavezzi 40 built by the Fountaine Pajot shipyard.

From my initial meeting with A&C Yacht Brokers, I met real professionals who understood my needs and, in a most open way, we fixed a sale price based on the market value and the condition of the boat.

The boat was put on sale on the www.boats-caribbean.com website and by the end of about a month, after considering several contacts, Dominique Amice found us a buyer.

Throughout this transaction I felt at ease and really appreciated the ‘transparent’ way in which the deal was carried out, which filled me with confidence.

Rémy Paroz,
2300 La Chaux de fonds
Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40 Maestro

I was looking for a catamaran to buy in the Antilles but was based in the south of France and got in touch with A&C Yacht Brokers initially by email.
After more regular contacts, we selected a few boats to view and came to see them in Martinique.
Dominique Amice, the head of A&C Yacht Brokers, dealt with everything for us, from hiring a car at the airport, finding a really nice little hotel near his house, as well as visiting several catamarans withus. Then, because we are difficult customers, he told us when we left that he would find a real gem, and a rare one at that, an Athena 38 Maestro.
A short while after, not only did he keep his word, but it was under our noses in France !
A&C Yacht Brokers are competent and knowledgeable about sailing and, furthermore, have an impressive client-base ranging from Australia to the USA, including South America and France also, of course. They deal with all customs and maritime formalities, but also with leasing and buying back through financial companies where necessary.
A big thank you to Dominique Amice and his team.

Thierry et Chantal Vallain,
Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 Maestro


When we were looking for our first boat, we asked A&C Yacht Brokers to do the research for us, given the enormous choice available. After several visits, we decided on a Sun Odyssey 39DS, built in 2008, very well equipped and in immaculate condition.
Mr Amice advised us to get an expert’s opinion before buying and we were able to go over the boat
with him in the finest detail, which gave us a really good knowledge of what we were purchasing.
There were a few details to sort out – an engine service as well as an antifouling, and these were
carried out under the watchful eye of the A&C team as it was problematic for us to be on site given
that we live in Guadeloupe. The boat was handed over to us in Saint François.
I would like to congratulate Mr Amice and all his team for the quality of their services as well as for
their great kindness.
We are fully satisfied with this transaction, carried out with very competent professionals.




Danièle et Charles Poli,
Saint François
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39 DS

In January 2013 we became the proud owners of Sparrow, a superb, previously-owned Lagoon 400.  A&C Yacht Brokers took everything in hand, from the launching of the boat right up to the handover (including the first Ti-Punch served by Fred during our initial navigation!)                                                                                                                   We want to thank Dominique, as well as the team at A&C Yacht Brokers (Myriam, Michel and Fred), for all their commitment.
Kind regards,
Yves and  Michèle LUCAS,

Yves et Michèle,
Lagoon Lagoon 400 3 cabines

A professional service that we would like to meet more often: diligent, straightforward and constantly available.
Georges Phalente,

Georges Phalente,
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35

I would like to thank A&C Yacht Brokers for their professionalism during the sale of my Sun Légende.                              A purchaser was found very quickly thanks to their internet site, a sales agreement was signed and A&C Yacht Brokers dealt with the successful conclusion to the sale – the assessment requested by the buyer, followed by successive payment installments, coordination with the buyer and a whole range of formalities. To my mind, I am totally satisfied and the work carried out meant that the agency thoroughly deserved their commission.                                                                                                             Thanks again to Dominique and his team.

Jeanneau Sun Legende 41

I bought a Salina 48 in January 2013 with A & C Yacht Brokers. I was very pleased with the service, the aftercare and with their availability. A big thank you to Dominique and all his team.
Jean Louault,
Fountaine Pajot Salina 48

Jean Louault,
Fountaine Pajot Salina 48

We are Norwegian and are the proud owners of a Dufour 455 Grand Large 2007 which we bought in February 2012.        The sailing boat is in Spain and we decided to register it in Norway, as the Norwegian authorities require a certificate of conformit for the model in question. We didn’t have this document and tried to contact the agent here in Norway – without any success; we then had the idea of checking with various brokers who had the same Dufour model for sale on their books, and luckily we contacted A & C Yacht Brokers in Martinique.
They were able to send us the necessary document very quickly, which seemed incredible from our point of view, considering that they were based in the Antilles.
We would like to thank Dominique from A & C Yacht Brokers once again, for his efficiency and professionalism.
Per Egil Rødsvik,
Dufour Yachts Dufour 455 Grand’Large

Per Egil Rødsvik,
Dufour Yachts Dufour 455 Grand’Large

I am entirely satisfied with the service provided by A&C Yacht Brokers; they are real professionals who work with confidence and trust and with total transparence. I recommend all boat sellers to get in touch with Dominique Amice or Frederic, you won’t be disappointed.
After selling my Lagoon 440 recently with A&C Yacht Brokers, I still had a Lagoon 380 to sell before the end of 2013: I’m entrusting it to them without a second thought.
Dominique Dauchy,
Lagoon Lagoon 440

Dominique Dauchy,
Lagoon Lagoon 440