Our client reviews

A big thank you to Dominique, Frédéric and Eric!!!

They accompanied us throughout this procedure (the sale of our Dufour 455 sailing boat)
They were very efficient, dealt with all formalities (the boat was sold abroad, the flag had to be changed...)
We congratulate them for their professionalism, their devotion and we send them our warm greetings,



Gérard and Marie Ange,
Dufour Yachts Dufour 455 Grand Large

To buy a previously-owned boat (our first, as it happens...) when you are several thousand kilometers from home, you really need to feel confident about things. That was certainly the case, notably with Fred, our honoured representative. For several weeks running between the first contacts and the completion of the sale, the A&C Yacht Brokers team showed a professionalism above and beyond our expectations. Seriousness, kindness, availability and efficiency are the qualities they possess, and that's a fact.

Thank you to the team.

Mary, Benjamin and Vincent,
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42i

I contacted A&C Yacht broker for the purchase of a dynamic 52, via their agency in Le Marin....I was satisfied by the purchase and by the work of the agency and all the staff: serious, flexible and adaptable, with - as the icing on the cake - all administrative formalities for the flag, everyone knows what a headache our French administration can be...I'm also going to get them to sell my old boat for me...

What else can I say? Mustn't go on too much or they'll take their eye off the ball, haha! They do their job and it's spot on!

Regards to the team!

Dynamique Yachts Dynamique 52

We wanted to buy a comfortable, well-equipped boat to have a few years of sailing in the Caribbean.....our choice led us to an Océanis 473 SWELL, featured on the A&C YB site. Making a purchase over distance is not a light matter....

A big thank you to Frederic to start with, and to Eric and Dominique who accompanied us and supported us in throughout the process of buying at a distance up to changing the nationality of the boat.

Efficient, inspiring confidence, empathy are the undeniable qualities of the team. Will will call on them again in the future if necessary.

Take care of yourselves and a big thank you.

Bernard and Martine

Beneteau Oceanis 473

I am really pleased with our collaboration. My boat was sold even though it took a while, but the contact I had with your sales staff was very good and I will come back to see them if I ever need to buy a boat.



Lagoon Lagoon 410

Everything was very good, a big thank you to Michel for the super job he did, I am very satisfied and so are the buyers of my Centurion (they told me this by email). It was the best of the best and thanks again for everything.


Pierre Martin

What's more, as I was in France I didn't have to do anything, it was simply the best of the best

Wauquiez Centurion 32

Hello to the team,

When we decided to make the break from our Océans 400, we went to A&C Yacht Brokers and it was Fred who dealt with us and with this sale and we were not disappointed. Our sailing boat sold after only 2 visits and within 3 months. Thanks to Fred's professionalism we were able to avoid numerous visits from time-wasters. Thank you to him and to all the team for their kindness and professionalism.

Best regards,

Annie-Claude and Christian 





Beneteau Oceanis 400

Mr Frederic Thouroude is a key person in the process of buying a sailing boat. I really want to underline his honesty, cooperation in providing us with all the information, and even more, we could almost have bought the boat just based on the photos and commentary of Frederic. I believe he inspires confidence and enables the buyer to concentrate fully on his investment. He always returned my calls. What's more, once the business was over, he provided me with everything I needed, which encouraged me to recommend his to friends wishing to buy a sailing boat.
Please post these comments, which are my way of saying thank you to Mr Frederic Thouroude.

Thank you.


"Te comento que su Broker el Sr. Frederic Thouroude fue una persona clave en la compra del velero destacando su honestidad,, su cooperación en brindarnos toda la información, más aún compre el velero solo por las fotografías y los comentarios de Frederic . Creo que el genera la confianza y permite al comprador depositar el interés por realizar dicha inversión. Siempre respondió los llamados como mis correo. Además una vez terminado el negocio entrega toda las facilidades para poder ayudar al comprador, eso permite que lo entregue de referencia a los amigos que tienen interes por comprar un velero

Por favor pueden mostrar mi comentarios que son sólo de agradecimiento al Sr. frederic Thouroude



Bavaria Yachts Bavaria 40 Ocean


Thanks for your email and I wanted to let you know my impressions on the procedure for buying my Panta Rhei, Etap 38i.
I hadn't really intended to use A&C Yacht Charter for finding my 'dream' boat, but circumstances decided otherwise! 

Once I'd walked through the A&C Yacht Charter door in Le Marin, I straightaway felt confident thanks to the professionalism of 'my' adviser and everything that followed just backed this feeling up.

Indeed, the help and advice I received were useful at all levels:

  • Technical: trials, finding a specialist, organising assessments, contact and negotiating with local suppliers for bringing the boat up to date...
  • Administration: notably the paperwork regarding changing the boat's nationality and getting a permanent place in the port
  • Relations: with the seller who was German
  • Financial: help with negotiating...
  • ..../....

It was a real partnership that was established and which is still there today.

Please thank Michel for me, and his team, who helped us in our dream quest....

With kind regards,

Eric James

Etap Etap 38i